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Clarifying Shampoo - 12 oz. Removes build up, bonding glue
Cool Sensations Dandruff Shampoo - 12 oz. Removes oils and dry dandruff
Cream Revitalizer - 4 oz. Stops shedding (for dry color treated hair)...�
Curling Wax - 4 oz. Light and firm weight. For updos, press and curls
Detangling Conditioning Shampoo - 12 oz. Conditions hair and removes tangles
Freeze Spray - 12 oz. Firm to hard hold. Non stick
Hair and Scalp Balm - 4 oz Promotes healthy hair growth. For daily use and/or chemical base
Hair Oil Mist - 4 oz. Shine Hot Oil Treatment Non-greasy shampoo
Lock and Twist - 4 oz. Any natural styling with shea butter
Moisture Plus - 12 oz For blow drying and daily use. (can be used for curls and waves)
Ready To Use Setting Lotion - 8 oz. Dries fast. All purpose
Setting Gel - 4 oz. Non-flaking and viviant sheen
Silk Protein Conditioner - 12 oz. Rebuilds badly damaged hair (All Purpose
Silk Protein Shampoo - 12 oz. Removes build-up.
Smooth and cool - 4 oz. For chemmical irritation (Anti-bacterial aid)
Still Gloss 4 oz. and up
Professional Products Available.
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