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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement
Today's technology allows us to duplicate your thinning area by creatiing a foundation membrane which is porous and breathable; air, water and perspiration passes threw. This membrane becomes the support system which individual hairs match your color, texture and skin color. We serivice all textures of hair.

Hair Cutting
Seminars include review of basic and hands-on for latest trends.

Hair Coloring
Seminars include basic techniques and hands-on corrective procedures.

Relaxer & Cold Waves
Procedures and maintenance marcel hands-on instruction included.

Maintenace and hands-on instruction for braiding, weaving, cap weaves and quick weaves.


A Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solution

Hair Restoration

We offer a wide range of restoration options to meet your needs.

For many with moderate to mature thinning areas, non-surgical hair replacement appears to be a better option than surgical. Thousands of hairs can be integrated with your own healthy hair at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time, without the inherent risk of surgery, and can be reversed without long term consequences.

Today's technology allows us to duplicate your thinning area by creating a foundation membrane which is porous and breathable, so air,water, and perspiration can pass freely through it. This membrane becomes the support system in which individual hairs matched to your own in color and texture will be inserted in order to re-create the head of hair you truly desire. This process can permanently restore your hair with 100% human hair. This new non-surgical method allows you to utilize your existing hair and add new hair to fill in the thinning areas.

We offer complete hair care services for clients of every walk of life. We serve men, women and children. Our system is nondetectable. If you are unhappy with your current hair loss situation, please give us a call. We are waiting to serve you. We provide total privacy and confidentiality. Consultations are free.

Contact us for one of our other hair solutions. Your complete satisfaction is our main achievement.

For complete non-surgical hair restoration, contact:
Hair Affair Distribution and Education Center
1559 Dixie Street
Charleston, West Virginia 25311
(304) 389-6992 or (304) 342-1704.

Email: HADEC6@verizon.net

Visit our website: www.halfaffaircenter.com

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